New pub to bring Irish swigs, jigs

Reporter and Reporter

The old Buffalo Wild Wings location is under new ownership and will be transformed into an Irish pub and restaurant. 

The owners of City Tap, a bar and grill on Main street, purchased the wing franchise’s former location on the corner of East Wooster street and South Prospect street. 

Eric Pelham, one of the owners of City Tap, said that they are hoping to open the new location this summer in May. 

“It will be a similar business,” Pelham said in comparison to City Tap. “It will be a town-oriented place during the day, and at 11 it will turn into a bar.” 

With the new pub having multiple functions, Pelham expects everyone in town will be happy with it. 

“From diners to drinkers, we want to provide options for people in town and college kids,” Pelham said. 

A name for the establishment has already been agreed upon: The Stones Throw, Pelham said. 

“What makes it an Irish pub is the fact that we will serve Irish staples like shepherd’s pie and different whiskey and beer options,” Pelham said. “We also want to provide an atmosphere with lots of stone, to present [the pub] feel to customers.” 

Pelham said the new location is currently a work in progress, as they are doing a lot to the interior and exterior. He said when they are finished, it will look like a completely different place. 

Outdoor dining will be provided for customers on the patio, and Pelham said they want to incorporate live musical entertainment, specifically acoustic performers. 

Cory Breth, a senior at the University who has played at different bars downtown, said he is excited about the possibility of another venue to play his style of music, which is an acoustic, singer-songwriter style. 

“This sounds like a good place for acoustic acts to get their names out and share their music,” Breth said. “I think people will respond well to this type of venue.” 

Breth said a lot of the downtown music scene is centered more on dance clubs with hip hop music and rock shows that are more “amped up.” 

Breth said he may not be able to reap the benefits of the new location, as he is uncertain he will remain in Bowling Green after graduation; however he feels this new venue “will be a perfect place that caters more to acoustic music.

“I hope that it goes well,” Breth said. “I want singer-songwriters to have more opportunities to play than I did.” 

You can check out Breth’s music at or on Facebook at 

Nick Williams, a senior at the University and one of the head bartenders at Granite City in Maumee, said that an Irish pub could add something different to the downtown bar scene. 

“An Irish pub brings a different atmosphere that’s more relaxed,” Williams said. “From what it sounds like, this new place could be similar to The Blarney in Toledo.” 

Williams said he hopes the new pub in Bowling Green will have a better and more diverse beer selection than just the typical domestic beer choices at some bars. 

For more information and pictures of the renovation process visit The Stones Throw on Facebook at