Letter to the Editor: The “biased liberal media” is not a myth

John Riedl and John Riedl

I could not let the letter to the editor from Mr. Epstein go by without a response. The one comment from Mr. Epstein that is correct is his statement about his wish for civility between the two parties. We are more divided today than in any time in my life, and I go back to Eisenhower. The rest of Mr. Epstein’s comments are dubious at best or flat-out wrong.

I assume he gets his info from social media web sites as he only identifies one source, which leans left. This is his first mistake as so many of these sites are totally biased. I just deal in facts, whether I like the results or not.

The following statements are undisputed facts:

1. 90 percent of reporters (print or broadcast) are registered Democrats.

2. Virtually all major newspapers lean left or totally left with the exception of the Wall Street Journal, who will take positions on both sides.

3. The three networks and two major news cable channels, all lean left or way left.

4. Most college professors are Democrats.

5. The latest verified research shows a 90 percent to 10 percent negative bias of  broadcast stories about the current administration’s first two years, this in spite of positive factual data both domestically and internationally.

6.  I cannot find one story about a right-wing professor spewing his political thoughts in the classroom whereas there are many stories of left-wing professors doing so, unfortunately only reported by one cable network. In the classroom, this is wrong. Outside the class, as long as it’s civil, go for it.

Now some factual bias stories in the recent past:

1. The immediate condemnation of the Covington high school students by all print/broadcast media (except one) and then when proven totally innocent, not one retraction

2. The Senate sub-committee found no evidence of collusion by the current administration. Not one major network or cable reported the story, but one.

3. NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN spent over 400 minutes covering the testimony of convicted liar Michael Cohen’s testimony versus just 28 minutes on the second summit between North Korea and the U.S.

4. Over the last two years, we have had many incidents of both civil and more often violent protests by the left whereas you can count right-wing protests on one hand. Look how many conservative speakers have been denied free speech rights on our college campuses. That’s why the first Amendment is “free speech.”

I’m a BGSU grad currently involved with the Alumni Association and very concerned about the direction of today’s young people. I’m open for discussion.