Vacant rooms always on campus

Reporter and Reporter

Temporary room spaces are available throughout the residence halls for students at the University.

The rooms provide space for any student going through personal or maintenance issues who needs a place to stay.

They aren’t used for regular situations and a student can’t just simply request one, said Timothy Shaal, senior associate director of the Office of Residence Life.

“In order for a student to stay in one of these spaces, it has to be for something serious like a personal crisis or some facility issues, such as windows leaking or the heat not working,” Shaal said. “They can stay in the space until we resolve the problem.”

The space provided is not a long-term stay, and students who do utilize the rooms are expected to be in and out quickly, he said.

Residence Hall Director Steven Syoen said the problem has to be resolved in a timely fashion.

“If an issue is distracting someone from their academics, we should be able to get the issue corrected within 24 hours,” Syoen said. “Their room is our priority in getting things resolved so the students can go back to where all of their belongings are, because nobody likes to live somewhere without all of their things.”

The spaces aren’t for trivial reasons, such as failure to get along with roommates, he said.

“Typically our spaces aren’t used just because someone hates their roommate,” Syoen said. “It’s only used when a student can’t sleep in their room without being distracted.”

Sophomore Kayla Patterson, who lives in Founders Hall, said she thinks the rooms are a great idea for students in need.

“It would be great to kind of have my own space and to just have time to think to myself and not worry about other people being in my business,” Patterson said. “I think the severity of the issue should really depend on how long a student should be able to stay in a room.”

Any student going through an issue is entitled to a temporary space at the University.