Gaffigan attracts crowds of students, alums to Stroh


Gaffigan addresses his love and hatred for hot pockets several times during his Saturday performance.

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan performed at the Stroh Center Saturday night.

Gaffigan is an award winning comedian who has appeared in numerous films, performed on two talk shows and has two platinum comedy albums, according to the University press release.

Gaffigan kept the punch lines coming from the start of the show at 7:00 p.m. right up until the end until 8:15 p.m. Gaffigan spoke on a range of topics, from comparing his fifth baby to a shark fin in the water, bacon and Hot Pockets. Stroh Center General Manager Benjamin Spence said the event was big.

“We sold a lot of tickets; mostly to alumni and grad students who heard Gaffigan was coming and they wanted to see him,” said Spence. “This is big for BG; not only revenue wise, but also actually getting us on the map using the Stroh and having nice events,” said Spence.

Grad student Andrea Panning came to watch the show with a group of friends. Although Panning said the price was steep, it was still worth it.

“$35-40 is a bit much to go see a comedy show, but it was so worth it,” said Panning. “He’s my favorite comedian; we laughed so hard we cried. I was so excited when he added the Hot Pockets skit.

“Best night ever,” Panning continued. “I was searching all over the Internet for locations where Jim Gaffigan’s tour was going to be, so when I found out that it was Bowling Green, I jumped at the chance to see my favorite comedian and return to my alma mater. I even saw some of my old professors; it was excellent.”

One of Gaffigan’s signature jokes is about the Hot Pocket sandwich. Hot Pockets are a blessing and a curse, Gaffigan said.

“If you have one for lunch, you’ll be dead by dinner,” said Gaffigan. “Beware of the Death Pocket.”

While Gaffigan mentioned the University during his performance, he kept mentioning Hot Pockets throughout his performance.

“Besides BGSU and all of its’ weird traditions, undying spirit and bold squirrels, one of my favorite things to talk about is the almighty Hot Pocket. It makes me excited,” said Gaffigan.