Union lounge makes a move upward

Devonice Gordon and Devonice Gordon

The Union underwent many changes during the summer which included new dining locations and an updated student lounge.

“The lounge is now open for use, but far from completion,” Patrick Nelson, director at the Union, said.

“A new big screen television is still needed along with some signage,” Nelson said.

The arcade was removed because it was a “low traffic area,” Nelson said.

“Students have other ways to entertain themselves such as home gaming systems and even games on their phones,” said Nelson.

Graduate student Monet Allen said she doesn’t mind that the arcade is gone.

“The arcade was weird, anything would be better,” Allen said.

Allen also said she liked the location change of the student lounge because it moved upstairs where it is quiet, unlike other parts of the Union.

Nelson said that the lounge will be a place to relax and also a place for groups to study,

The computer lab on the first floor of the Union does not have the group stations it had before, Nelson said, because they were moved to the upstairs lounge.

These group stations will have two high definition monitors for students to hook up their laptops with no other capabilities to make them easy to use for groups, Nelson said.

“It makes more sense to have stations for group projects in the lounge instead of the actual computer lab because groups have to talk and discuss things without the worry of being too loud,” said University senior William Porch Jr.

Nelson said all the changes to the lounge are set to be done by the beginning of homecoming week.