Letter to the Editor: Americans shouldn’t stigmatize foreign customs

I do not understand why we as Americans view Islam and Muslim customs as so foreign.

Michele Bachmann routinely preaches pulpit-style about her faith while simultaneously denouncing Muslims as “radicals” for talking about theirs, and no one sees anything odd about it. But when a Muslim talks about his or her faith, it’s extremism, because apparently all Muslims were behind 9/11, even though it’s been proven that it was only a few. In addition, it’s not like Christianity has anything to apologize for, right?

Some claim that it’s a matter of women’s rights.

Let’s take a look at our own culture for a moment. America’s media objectifies women and treats them as objects, and politicians suggest measures to outlaw abortion, the latter of which by itself carrying an incredibly patronizing and sexist connotation implying that women don’t know what’s best for them.

Enter ethnocentrism.

As people growing up in Western society, we are far too jaded and biased to make a fair judgment about Islamic customs because most of us were not raised in such a way.

Why is it okay to preach about Christianity from dawn to dusk, while uttering one thought insinuating that Muslims might be decent human beings is somehow treasonous?

Because we have let ourselves as a nation be fooled into thinking that our way is the only way.

To claim we are a nation of conscience and honor in the midst of racial profiling, errant generalizations and flagrant racism is preposterous.

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