Bikes for Tikes’ rides from Cincy to BG raising funds

There is more than one way to get involved in Dance Marathon. Some students are dancers, some are moralers and some – are bikers. This year 70 bikers were part of the ‘Bikes for Tikes’ program at Dance Marathon. Rather than dancing and standing on their feet for 32 hours, the bikers rode 180 miles from Cincinnati to Bowling Green. The bikers were driven from the University down to Cincinnati on Thursday, and they spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday peddling back. Sophomore biker Phil Flahive said the bikers spent 5-6 hours each day biking. He said parts of the ride were hard, including getting up at 5:30 a.m. and riding up hills, but the experience was well worth it. ‘You’re tired, but then at the end of the day you’re thinking you’re making something better,’ he said. Sophomore Ashley Pease rode for the first time this year. She said the ride was very exciting and fun, but after long days of riding and long nights of sleeping on high school gym floors she was pretty sore. ‘I think we were more sore from sleeping on the floor than from riding,’ she said.