Stimulus money will have no hand in the Stroh Center

Jesper Bekkers and Jesper Bekkers

President Carol Cartwright said the money the University could receive from Barack Obama’s economic stimulus bill will not be used for the Stroh Center. ‘The money can only be used for educational facilities,’ she said. ‘It is not sure how much money we will receive from the bill. ‘The idea of the stimulus is to give people a job,’ she said. ‘If our University gets money from the bill we can renovate our facilities and buildings.’ Sophomore Henry Bergman thinks it is necessary to renovate educational buildings with the stimulus money. ‘Good facilities are needed so students have better tools for education,’ he said. ‘I think that the math and science buildings really need a face lift.’ The University needs to compete with other colleges for the money, Cartwright said. ‘It’s not sure we will receive any money,’ she said. ‘Now we are working on proposals for Moseley Hall and University Hall. The state of Ohio will determine whether we get money.’ Stefan Fritsch, political science professor, said he thinks the University should invest more in education and help people get a degree. ‘You need to have a university degree today to get a job,’ he said. ‘Hopefully the University will use the [stimulus money] to keep instructors, because that will affect students at first. With good professors the faculties can give students proper education.’ Cartwright said the federal money will not be used for tuition, but it will affect education at the University. She said proper buildings and facilities are necessary to give students good education. Junior Rachael Nam thinks jobs are needed, but she also believes some money needs to go to students. ‘Students really need the money,’ she said. ‘But they also need facilities to study. I really think the Education and Psychology buildings should be updated.’