BG Undead resurrects zombies vs. humans to battle for another year

Eric Reed and Eric Reed

Neon green handkerchiefs litter the bodies of the undead running scared around campus. It’s a zombie apocalypse. Yesterday, BG Undead started another game of Zombies vs. Humans. The approximately 155 players of the game, which happens for a week once a semester, can be identified by their wearing of a lime green bandana on an arm, leg or on their head. Players may be experiencing a faux zombie apocalypse when walking around campus, but this zombie apocalypse comes with some rules. ‘Players cannot interfere with people not playing the game,’ sophomore Landon King, president of BG Undead, said. Other rules that players have to follow are: no playing in buildings, no playing on steps, no playing in the graveyard, players must be wearing an official current BG Undead bandana so that the logo is visible and be playing only with weapons that are approved by BG Undead officers. The BG Undead organization was founded in the fall of 2007; however, the game had been played before, which resulted in several players being arrested. ‘The [BG Undead] is one of only a few official University organizations in the country, and one of the most organized,’ junior Patrick Conrad, vice-president of BG Undead, said. Experiencing a zombie apocalypse, even if it is only a game, can be intense. ‘I survived until the last two minutes of the final stand,’ freshman Abby Berding said. ‘The final stand is intense, and it was sort of disappointing to make it so far and be turned.’ ‘We all feel like the game lasts a lot longer than a week,’ freshman Nick Falzini said. The game may be intense, but it’s also a welcome distraction from the stress of school work. ‘I like the game because I like the idea I could be a little kid again,’ Falzini said. If someone wants to participate in the game but missed their chance to join, the group occasionally gets together during the semester to play a one night game, so there is always another chance for someone to play.