Goldsberry goes out in typical fashion

Andrew Harner and Andrew Harner

With 2:26 left in last night’s WNIT game against Indiana, Lindsey Goldsberry picked up her fourth foul of the game. Generally that is a signal for a coach to take a player out of a game. However, there was no time for coach Curt Miller to get his best defensive player out of the game as the Falcons trailed 64-53, and their season was ticking away. The team’s played back and forth basketball for the next minute and a half before Goldsberry made a mistake. In her final play as a Falcon, Goldsberry fouled Indiana’s Kim Robinson on an inbound pass with 51 seconds left, giving her five in the game. As she came off the court, the fans applauded and Miller embraced her as Sarah Clapper entered the game. While not the ideal way to end her career, Goldsberry chalked it up to being too aggressive in BG’s 75-67 loss to Indiana last night. ‘I didn’t want to foul out,’ Goldsberry said. ‘I just got a little too aggressive. I wasn’t trying to go out fouling out. It just happened.’ Leaving the program with more wins (114) than any men’s or women’s basketball player in University or Mid-American Conference history, Goldsberry likely leaves with the most floor burns among the same players. Known for wearing her kneepads, diving on the floor after loose balls and never afraid to joke about getting bruises or tearing skin, ‘Golds,’ as she is affectionately known, even had a laugh to share about her knees. ‘I think my knees are happy with me,’ Goldsberry said. ‘My body is probably a little thankful.’ Her body certainly got a workout against Indiana as she had to fight for two and went to the floor several other times fighting for the ball. And who knows how many hundreds, if not thousands, of times that has happened in games and in practice? But while she knows her knees are happy, the fact her career is over hasn’t quite set in in her mind. As with anyone who reaches the end of something they love, it takes some time to sink in, and Goldsberry is no exception. ‘I’m in that river of denial,’ Goldsberry said. ‘I don’t want it to be over. It hasn’t hit me yet.’ However, this moment almost came five days earlier as BG barely edged Syracuse 72-69 last Sunday. In that game, Goldsberry also fouled out and spent the majority of her minutes on the bench after getting her fourth foul early in the second half. Playing just 19 minutes, it was definitely not the way Goldsberry would have wanted to go out, and when asked if he was happy she would get another opportunity at home, Miller simply said, ‘Absolutely.’ For Goldsberry, she expressed excitement for getting another chance to play in front of the home crowd instead of getting a second opportunity to go out on a high note individually. ‘It’s something that not everyone gets,’ Goldsberry said Monday. ‘I’m really thankful that we’re here [at home].’ But, Goldsberry won’t be going away as she will still be enrolled at the University taking classes, saying she’ll join Kate Achter, Whitney Taylor and other alumni who sit in the stands behind the bench during games. One can only wonder if she’ll still be donning those famous knee pads.