Crocs are no longer in style

Jesper Bekkers and Jesper Bekkers

What happened with the Crocs? The ‘fashionable’ clog everyone used to wear. Even celebrities like Jared Leto and Nicole Sullivan gave in to the ‘rubber-shoes.’ Freshman Katie Wise thinks the clogs were just a hype. ‘I saw them all over high school,’ she said. ‘But now I don’t see them anymore.’ Wise said the colors the Crocs come out with are cool. She thinks the shoes themselves were not good. ‘You can’t run on them when you are late for class,’ she said. Freshman Casey Murphy said he has never worn the shoes. ‘I never took the opportunity,’ he said. ‘It was just a short-term hype, something always happens.’ The Crocs are not only wiped out around campus. Their stock also went down, dramatically. The peak was at $69 in October 2007, this collapsed to around $1 in November 2008, according to the NASDAQ Web site. Murphy thinks there is still a future for the company. ‘They have done something successfully in the past,’ he said. ‘There should be something good about the business.’ In the past few weeks, the national newspapers report possible bankruptcy of the colorful rubber clogs. Initially the company would have paid their loans of $22.4 million back yesterday. Their accountant Deloitte ‘amp; Touch said in this case the company could collapse if they did not reorganize. According to a release, Crocs said they had reached an accord with their bank. Now they have six more months to pay the money back, till the end of September. The Web site would not be in tears when the company cannot make the clogs anymore. The motto on the site is: ‘dedicated to the elimination of crocs and those who think that their excuses for wearing them are viable.’ This Web site has a group of over 5,000 members on Facebook. The rival of the anti-crocs site is This Web site is in love with the shoes.’