Ballroom dance classes to be offered May 11

Continuing ‘amp; Extended Education has made it possible for anyone to dance like a star. The program is offering ballroom dancing and other classes starting from May 11 to May 20. According to the program’s Web site, ‘Community education offers classes for young people and adults.’ The classes are related to art, career skills and physical activities. Rapheal Griffin, who teaches the dance classes, said she will showcase basic ballroom dance steps as seen in the waltz, tango and fox trot. Besides ballroom dancing, participants may also attend stained glass workshops and karate classes. During the stained glass workshop, Steve Noblet will teach students how to make a window panel or garden ornament. Constructing stained glass windows is very time consuming, and during the first evening students learn how to cut the glass. The second evening consists of putting the cut glass together. ‘Everybody can follow my classes,’ Noblet said. ‘I had 12-year-old boys to 80-year-old ladies.’ Jim Hasenfratz will teach karate for adults in three different levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. During the beginner classes, students will learn the basic fundamental skills of martial arts. The style Hasenfratz follows is an American style-the United Karate Style. ‘[The students] will develop their eye-hand coordination,’ he said. ‘They will also learn the history of karate.’ When the students get promoted to an intermediate or expert, they will learn to use the different techniques, not only individually, but together, Hassenfratz said. During the classes, attendees will use their ‘fighting’ skills during sparring, or a light contact fight. But the classes are not just to learn how to become a fighter, Hasenfratz said. ‘The students who follow the expert classes also need to teach,’ Hasenfratz said. ‘It is important for me to not only do karate, but also pass the skills to another generation.’ For more information, those interested should visit the Continuing ‘amp; Extended Education Web site at