Rodgers Quadrangle to close next year

The Office of Residence Life received a call on Thursday, April 23, with news that Rodgers Quadrangle would not be opening for the next school year. Senior Associate Director of Residence Life Sarah Waters said the residence hall will not be opening due to remodeling, renovating or reconstructing as per the upcoming Residence Life Master Plan that will be released on June 30. ‘Kreischer-Ashley is opening to take in all the students and staff which may be displaced,’ Waters said. The students affected by this announcement, those who had previously signed up to live in Rodgers, can either relocate to Ashley or call into the Office of Residence Life to make a preference choice as to where they want to live. Rodgers, which traditionally has an occupancy of more than 500 students, only had around 200 students enrolled to live there the next academic year, Waters said. That is another reason why the residence hall was closed. ‘We had 556 total students at the beginning of this year in August,’ she said. ‘About 150 of those were returners, so it should have been more likely to have higher occupancy numbers.’ Waters said there have been no finalized decisions made as to the future of Rodgers, because the upcoming Master Plan hasn’t been finalized, but there should be serious discussions over the next three to six months. ‘We’ve had focus groups about renovating it or knocking it down completely and starting over,’ she said. ‘We just don’t know what the use will be for Rodgers yet until the Master Plan decides.’ Waters said most of the affected students are confused because of the change but have reacted well. By closing Rodgers now, the Residence Life Master Plan is sped up, Waters said. And while she can acknowledge the change for students is frustrating, she said the closing is a step in the right direction.