All-girl a cappella group looks for beatboxer


The AcousChicks are the only all-girl a cappella group on campus.

By Stepha Poulin and By Stepha Poulin

The University’s all-female a capella group, the AcousChicks, is in search of a new beatboxer. 

“Our lovely Ade is getting through some illnesses, and she’s a huge part of our sound as our only beatboxer,” musical director Nia McKenney said. 

Auditions were held last Thursday, although the group is still considering their options for a beatboxer. An extension for beatboxer auditions may be announced in a Campus Update. 

The group focuses on types of music that may or may not require a beatboxer, such as pop and choral music. In the past, the group has learned popular hits like “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry and “Dog Days are Over” by Florence + The Machine.

“There’s been at least one original piece [performed], but if I had to say one style we do, it would be contemporary-pop covers,” AcousChicks President Julia Chelar said. 

Since its creation in 2015, the ensemble has increased its membership to 13 members. The AcousChicks are a unique vocal ensemble -  they are the only all-female a capella group at the University.

“I was originally part of another a capella group on campus, but we decided that we wanted to do something different, and we were like ‘what can we do that can set us apart here on campus?’” Chelar said.

Unlike other vocal ensembles at the University, the AcousChicks are an extracurricular group. The women make time in their own schedules to meet and practice for over three hours a week. The executive members of the group meet an additional hour every other week. 

These weekly practices prepare the women for several performances throughout the year. The group uses their performances to entertain the audience, but they also hope to educate audiences about a capella music. 

“Most often we are asked to perform for school events, like Dance Marathon. There are sometimes outside organizations that hear about us and ask us to perform, though,” Chelar said. 

Last year, the AcousChicks performed at a showcase with the University’s male a capella group, Ten40. Donations from the audience at the showcase allowed the groups to raise over $300 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Additionally, toys and non-perishable food items were collected.

As the group’s presence in the Bowling Green community grows, the women are being asked to perform at non-campus events. At a future performance, the women will be at a men’s discussion group in downtown Bowling Green.

The AcousChicks hold auditions for new members at the beginning of each academic year. The only requirement for perspective members is to be a female University student. Those interested can contact the AcousChicks’ president, Julia Chelar, at [email protected]

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“It’s so amazing to make these sick harmonies with people who I really care about. AcousChicks is different because of how close we all are and because we are an all female group, but we rock it.”

– Karli Ayers (Secretary)

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“My favorite part about AcousChicks is that we are all so different from each other – but when we come together we just kind of fuse.” 

– Julia Chelar (President)

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“If you love music, and being a part of a close knit community of women, AcousChicks is the group for you.”

-Adesina Odiduro (Treasurer)

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“My favorite part of AcousChicks is the performance aspect – we work so hard towards this goal, which is performing well for people, and when we succeed in that the feeling of pride I have is indescribable.”

 – Nia McKenney (Musical Director)


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Auditioning for AcousChicks has by far been the best decision I’ve made since coming to BGSU. It has undeniably changed my experience here for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful for that – so I say give it a chance! You never know what friendships and experiences you could pick up along the way.”

– Tori Dingeldein (Public Relations Chair)