Board of trustees approves new name for Hanna Hall, increase in room and board rates

The University’s board of trustees discussed a new winter session, room and board rates, three honorary doctoral degrees and a new name for Hanna Hall at their Feb. 17 meeting.

President Mary Ellen Mazey opened the meeting by recapping the Ice Arena’s 50th Anniversary event and said the University is “in our glory years.”

Mazey also said there are expected to be 1,400 prospective students in attendance for the President’s Day preview event.

After Mazey, Daniel Keller presented a motion for a merger between the General Studies Writing and English departments, which was unanimously approved.

Keller said the merging would “allow for expansion in (the) writing curriculum of BGSU.”

Keller went on the present a motion for the new winter “J-term,” which was approved 6-1 in favor of the motion.

Stephen Daley discussed several motions for funding and pricing for the 2017-2018 academic year. Motions were introduced that would increase the cost of the “average” room rate by 2.1 percent; increase the cost of gold, silver and bronze campus meal plans by 3 percent; and increase the cost of commuter meal plans by 2.9 percent. All proposed increases were unanimously approved.

Student economic and financial challenges and a University need to reinvest in both new and existing housing facilities were all taken into consideration in regard to the increase in costs.

“(It) allows us to continue to provide students access to convenient, dependable and quality dining experiences,” Daley said.

Another of Daley’s financial motions included a revision to academic special course fees.

Daley proposed the revision to support technology needs, lab materials and instructional costs for courses like forensic sciences, art and aviation. The revision would also eliminate fees for course that had moved to online formats.

One of the anticipated motions presented by Daley included the proposal to rename Hanna Hall to the Robert W. and Patricia A. Mauer Center. The motion was also unanimously approved.

Robert Mauer graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1965.

“We don’t really consider this a gift,” Robert said. “This is more of an investment…we think this investment will many times be paid back to our community.”

Mazey called the Mauers’ donations a “truly transformational gift” that will “build not only the University, but the community in which the University resides.”

James Bailey, the chair for the development committee, said it was a “great day” for the committee in regards to the Mauers’ namesake.

Three honorary doctoral degrees were also presented during the meeting: Stefan Sanderling received an honorary doctorate of musical arts; Dr. William Easterly received an honorary doctorate in social sciences; and Dr. David Winstanley received an honorary doctorate in business administration.

Board Member Betty Montgomery said the honorary doctorates were a “wonderful way to say thank you to the faculty.”

Each board member then presented a summary of their respective committees, and Amira Hassnaoui and Amanda Dortch presented for Graduate Student Senate and Undergraduate Student Government, respectively.

Hassnaoui discussed her previous work with Bowling Green Councilman Daniel Gordon and their anti-xenophobia resolution that was presented to city council on January 17.

Hassnaoui also said the resolution was recently passed.

Dortch then took to the podium and said it was an “honor to see so many faculty members be awarded today.”

She also previewed a list of upcoming events for USG, including the second USG town hall, and discussed how USG will continue to work on constant communication with University administration.

The next board of trustees meeting will be held on May 5.