The details of 2019 winter session

The University will be offering an optional winter session to students starting in January 2019. This winter session is an opportunity for students to gain credit for classes in just three weeks.

         “By adjusting the academic calendar and creating this new winter session, we will create an additional enrollment point that should help with degree time-to-completion, experiential learning and retention,” Assistant Vice Provost  Paul Cesarini said.

         This extra session will allow students to get ahead, catch-up or engage in other unique learning experiences such as short-term study abroad. January semester will offer undergraduate, graduate, online, traditional, general education, BG Perspective and service-learning classes. Students are allowed to take up to six credit hours during the three weeks. Per credit hour tuition will remain the same as the regular academic year.

         “By offering this new session, we hope to provide students with additional opportunities to get ahead, catch-up or get involved with a variety of experiential learning options that will be tailored to this session,” Cesarini said.

         Student enrollment for the session will most likely begin Oct. 22, 2018 with open enrollment starting Nov. 2.

         On-campus housing will be open for students during the winter session, but dining hall hours may vary. Participation in winter session is completely optional, and students who decide not to participate will not begin Spring classes until Jan. 28, 2019. Institutional scholarships will not be provided during the winter session, but students will still be eligible to receive financial aid.

         The winter session will be offered on all University campuses. Libraries will be open during this time but with limited hours. Students can also choose to use this time for internships or job shadowing. Graduation will not be offered after winter session, but taking winter session classes can help students fulfill degree requirements in order to be able to graduate in the spring.

         Students can also opt to go on a study abroad experience during winter session, but it will be a short-term experience. Cuba, Ecuador, India and Costa Rica are a few places that will most likely offer short-term study abroad to winter session students.

                    With the addition of the January semester, the University is joining many other public universities across Ohio that also offer winter sessions.