Enrollment now open for new DJ class

Max Lowther and Max Lowther

Are you interested in being on the radio and having your voice heard? Now, the University and the School of Media and Communications is giving students the opportunity to enter the radio and music world with a new DJ training class which helps you earn credits toward graduation as well!

This newly constructed DJ training class will be a 1-credit-hour class offered on Mondays at 8:30 a.m. and will be instructed by Philip Beskid in University Hall, room 403. It is typical that most students try to stay away from 8 a.m. classes when scheduling, but this is not your regular lecture.

This class will allow you to enter the music and radio industry by teaching you basic radio etiquette, FCC guidelines and opportunities that WBGU-FM, our campus radio station, has to offer. This will also be a hands-on learning environment with the opportunity to shadow current DJs. Students will be in the studio running the sound board and learning proper show and radio etiquette. 

What makes this opportunity unique is that Spring 2018 is the first semester that the University will be offering this type of DJ training class. In the past, WBGU-FM was responsible with scheduling night and weekend classes in order to get DJs trained to be on the air. Now, with the help of Beskid, the University is now able to create a class to offer students the opportunity to earn credits towards graduation while also entering the music and radio industry.

If you are interested in music or just having your voice heard, college radio is the perfect opportunity for you! Enrollment is now open for any majors; just search “MDIA 1990” titled “Student Media Participation” while you schedule for spring semester!