Metroid returns in spectacular form: Sumus Returns review

By Jacob Clary and By Jacob Clary

The newest Metroid game, titled “Metroid: Samus Returns,” is a great return to form for the series. The game contains all the best parts of what makes a Metroid game great: fun exploration, fluid game play and fantastic music.

“Metroid: Samus Returns” is a remake of the Game Boy game, “Metroid: Return of Samus,” which released in 1991. The game was developed by MercurySteam, who had developed similar games, like “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” and “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate.” The 2D Castlevania and Metroid series are very similar to one another, so Nintendo bringing in a studio that has worked on the 2D Castlevania series bodes well for the future of the Metroid series.

    The exploration in “Metroid: Samus Returns” is akin to one of the earlier games in the series, like “Super Metroid” or “Metroid: Zero Mission.” The game gives the player freedom to go anywhere in the game that they can find if they have the ability to get there. For example, there is a ledge early in the game that is too high for the player to grab, with an enemy next to this ledge. This means that there is an ability the player has to get to reach it. In the next room, the player is given the ice beam, which the player can use to freeze enemies. Now, the player can go back to that ledge, freeze the enemy and make it to the top. I really love the freedom that is given to players, and wish more games did something similar to it.

    The way the game feels to the player is also great. “Metroid: Samus Returns” makes each action the player does feel good and make sense. There are a few abilities given to the player at the beginning, and the game spends a good amount of time making sure the player has control of these abilities before making the game too difficult. This helps make the player feel comfortable, which keeps them playing the game. I really enjoyed the way the game sets up each encounter, ability the player is given and area in the game. When playing the game, it is easy to tell that the developers knew what they were doing while making the game.

    The music in the game is also stupendous. Almost all of the compositions are remakes of music used in other games in the series, and they sound great here. Each piece of music is perfect for the situation, such as in a boss fight or the exploration of a lush, wooded area.

    “Metroid: Samus Returns” is the game that fans of the series have been waiting years for Nintendo to make. It returns to the classic form that the series used to be, while also using some of the new knowledge that the older games didn’t use. It is a joy to play, and any fans of the Metroid series should try the new entry.