USG sets semester goals

Undergraduate Student Government is back in session, and goal-setting was on the agenda to start the school year.

Some goals USG members want to see achieved this semester:

1.Improving recycling

Members Bria Burse and Bree Willis wanted to address recycling concerns this semester. They noted “the whole recycling was different” in some dorm buildings. They said they want to get “our school back on a green page.”

2.Advocating involvement

As mentioned by President Richie Racette in a previous interview, USG is looking for students who want to get involved in school matters.

3.Making the senate more efficient

Speaker of the Senate Hannah Barnes said USG discussed in the previous semester “making the senate a little smaller.” They said they want to lessen the amount of people in the senate while making their roles more specific.

4.A better way to donate meal swipes

“Maybe we could do something. I think there could be a more efficient way of donating swipes,” said Brian Hart. He had a lot of swipes left over at the end of last semester and could only donate one swipe per week, he said. He said that wasn’t efficient, and wanted it changed.

5.The Forrest Creason Golf Course

“There’s no plans; there’s literally no plans,” Racette said. “The golf course is doing really well—it’s making a lot of money. So I don’t understand where students aren’t involved enough.” Currently there is a petition to keep it open, but there are also plans in the works to turn the golf course into private property.

6.Keeping the university united

During the Student Leadership Retreat, when all presidents and vice presidents of campus organizations met to discuss the upcoming semester, the “Charlottesville incident happened,” Racette said. “It caused a lot of panic with student leaders. … We decided to come together and come up with a game plan. What we came up with was a community conference.”

The community conference will be held Tuesday Aug. 22 in 101 Olscamp Hall at 5 p.m. Chief Michael Campbell of the BGSU police and student leaders are expected to speak.