Students have many options when wanting to join University clubs

Getting that 4.0 GPA is certainly something many students strive for, but academics aren’t always everything. Getting involved in organizations can be important for the student experience.

As such, here’s a short list of some campus organizations to help freshmen and transfer students get involved. All descriptions of organizations can be found on OrgSync, and so are the ways to apply or contact the group.

1.    The Black Student Union (BSU)

A popular organization at the University for black students, the Black Student Union focuses on creating “cultural and political awareness amongst the black and overall campus community,” according to its description on OrgSync.  

“We basically just have conversations on stuff that needs to be talked about,” BSU president, Angelica Euseary, said.

2.    The University Activities Organization (UAO)

The UAO is the powerhouse behind many campus events, providing “student-focused, social, educational and cultural programs for the BGSU community,” according to its description on OrgSync.

“My favorite thing is the people,” Avery Dowell, UAO’s president, said. “It’s fun and engaging.”

3.    Vision

As an LGBTQ organization, it looks to “serve as both a friend and partner to those interested in learning about and making progress for the queer community,” its description said.

“It fosters a safe space where students can communicate,” Vision President Neiko Alvarad said, and it gives students a way to “further our inclusion on campus.”

4.    Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls (CHAARG)

CHAARG is focused on women’s health and fitness; helping women and girls have fun while working out and getting fit. According to its description, they’re “liberating hundreds of girls from the elliptical.”

5.    Environmental Service Club (ESC)

For those who want to volunteer and help the environment, ESC might be a good choice. They organize environmental community service projects both on and off campus.

6.    Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

USG is the University’s undergraduate governing body, and any undergraduate can get involved.

“People really need to get more involved with USG,” President Richard Racette III said. “There are so many positions to fill [in order to] function as a general body. You don’t have to be elected.”

Racette also mentioned much of it depended on self-motivation, so students who are good with taking initiative may want to look more into USG.

7.    Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The Muslim Students Association serves as a group dedicated to Muslim students; helping them to “maintain and increase their faith,” according to its description. There are other religious organizations for students as well.

8.    SEARCH

To promote understanding amongst students, SEARCH brings students from all different backgrounds and religions. Its description reads that members discuss spiritual literacy, service learning, interfaith relationships and different perspectives of the world.