Multicultural dinner to showcase University’s diverse population

Kate Snyder and Kate Snyder

Students looking to expand their palates to include food from all over the world could get the chance this Sunday.

The World Student Association is hosting the annual International Dinner March 28, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Union ballroom.

Yuchun Zhou, a graduate assistant for the WSA, said the dinner is held every year to show the number of different cultures at the University.

“All students can come, all people in the community can come,” Zhou said.

Tickets for students are $10 (with a $2 discount for flag-bearers), and tickets for faculty and community members are $18. Interested people can buy tickets at the information desk in the Union, but Zhou said they would be sold right up to the start of the dinner.

She said a flag procession will begin the evening with flag-carriers representing more than 40 countries. The WSA is still looking for flag carriers, so those interested should contact Zhou.

Along with the procession, Korean singers, African dancers, Taiko drummers and a fashion show will also be featured Sunday.

“I think it’s important for [students] to know how diverse the campus is,” Zhou said.

Sophomore and WSA member Amanda Muego said the events, especially the fashion show, will showcase the myriad of cultures clustered on campus.

Muego said the fashion show will be international students dressing up and showing off their native apparel.

“It’s a good way to show the cultures at BGSU through the clothes they wear,” she said.

And in addition to the dancing, singing and fashion, will be the food.

Grad student and WSA member Bashir Handous said dinner will be a smorgasbord of dishes from different countries, including Japan, France, Ireland and Lebanon.

“It’s a global menu,” Handous said. “We’re going to have coffee from all over the world. So it’s pretty intense.”

Handous said one goal is for students who attend the dinner to gain more international experience than they might have had before.

“This is something that’s educational and entertaining at the same time,” he said. “Maybe an American student will get interested in studying abroad.”

Muego said the dinner is a good opportunity for students to expose themselves to some places around the world, especially for those who have never left the country.

“It’s a kind of culture you won’t experience unless you’ve been there,” Muego said. “This is a good way to reach out to students who may not have the opportunity.”