University Board of Trustees announce rate changes

Jason Henry and Jason Henry

The University Board of Trustees announced increases in meal plan rates, along with an overall decrease in room and board expenses, starting in 2011.

The decision was finalized after the board unanimously voted in favor of the resolution today.

Meal plan packages will increase on average by 2 percent. BG-on-the-Go rates will remain the same.

The United States Department of Agriculture estimated a up to 4 percent inflation cost on retail food, forcing the University to compensate for the increased rates.

Room rates will also see a change in 2011, but it will be in students’ favor.

The average room rate will decrease by 1.16 percent. Doubles in Offenhauer Towers and Founders Residence Hall will stay the same. Singles in both buildings will decrease by $150 or 4.69 percent. The Founders Super Single will decrease by $300 or 8.11 percent.

Standard single and double room rates will increase by 2.93 percent and 3.39 percent. The current price of $2,215 for a standard double will increase to $2,280; singles from $2,950 to $3,050.

Check back in Monday’s edition of The BG News for a more detailed report on student living expenses.

Meal Plan Type (per semester) 2009-10 2010-11 Bronze $1,440 $1,475 Silver $1,720 $1,755 Gold $1,870 $1,905 Athlete $2,070 $2,105 International $690 $725