Students predict what will be built at Union Oval construction site

David Escobedo and David Escobedo

Construction is familiar to many attending BGSU or even those just meandering through campus. A little less than a month ago, a construction project around the Bowen-Thompson Student Union Oval began, and speculation has already begun for what it’s purpose is.

Campus Operations was contacted for further detail on what exactly the construction project involves, but the project cannot be unveiled to the public yet. Even though they declined to comment on what the project is, they revealed that it will be publicized very soon.

BTSU visitors were asked to chime in on what they think the project is.

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First-year Eric Miller is hopeful for some type of renewable energy source, but sees it as unlikely.

“I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to it. Possibly more picnic table areas or something like that. Solar panels would be cool, but I don’t think that’s what it is,” Miller said.

Kyle Repetto, a first-year graduate student in sports administration doesn’t think the project will be anything big.

“I have no clue, I’ve seen very little of it. … I think it might be a seating area,” Repetto said.

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Sajjad Afroosheh, a third-year chemistry major, thinks it’s something that will be made towards student enjoyment.

“Oh, I have no idea. It could be something for the pleasure of students. Maybe a rest area of some sort,” Afroosheh said.

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BTSU visitor Katie Woodward also agrees on it being a student-geared project.

“I’ve no idea. Maybe a small building for students like a break area,” Woodward said.

Second-year biology major Trevor Parkes doesn’t think the space is big enough for a building, even a small one, but posits that the space could be set aside for a statue.

“It’s too small for a building. … (A statue) would make sense. It could be, it’s about the size,” Parkes said.

Finally, Makayla Dameron, a fourth-year criminal justice major, doesn’t think anything is being built, but rather maintenance is taking place.

“I guess, maybe something to do with pipes. Gas pipes,” Dameron said.

Questions remain for the project such as when it was first planned out, who determined the need for the project and when it will be finished. Until the university declares what is officially being worked on, guesses only remain as to what it is.