Falcon Finale ends semester with a bang


FF 5/8

Mary Ross and Mary Ross

In celebration of the end of the school year and the graduating seniors, University Activities Organization worked with BGSU to host the Falcon Finale yesterday. Throughout the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, as well as outside and in Olscamp, a variety of activities took place, including caricature artists, “Pancakes with the President” and fireworks.

“It was something fun for students to do with finals coming up; it was a nice stress reliever,” Niles Haibach, freshman criminal justice major, said.

Not only was it a stress reliever, but it was a night of fun and entertainment that many students enjoyed. Joshua Wilson, freshman media productions, was one of these students.

“It was really fun. The fireworks were fun; the pancakes were alright. Definitely liked the fireworks the most,” Wilson said.

Haibach agreed with Wilson that the fireworks were the best part of the night.

“The fireworks were especially really well organized, but the rest was good too,” Haibach said.

While the Fireworks were a crowd favorite and took place outside, many of the activities took place inside the student union. These activities were karaoke, drag bingo, crafts, caricatures, glitter tattoos, video games and balloon animals.

The caricature artists and glitter tattoos were indoor crowd favorites, often having a line winding around the room and out the door.

“My favorite part was the glitter tattoos. I got a red shark and it is amazing,” freshman aviation studies major Jill Petrie said.

More than just hosting activities, UAO provided food throughout the night, including wings, French toast sticks and donuts. They also decided to surprise attendees with free Starbucks drinks, adding to the enjoyment of the event

“The free Starbucks was a great surprise. Everyone really enjoyed that,” Petrie said enthusiastically.

The event also featured a performance by Next Town Down and inflatables courses in Olscamp. Overall, BGSU and UAO organized an event many students deemed lots of fun and worth their time.

Despite this, Wilson believes it should have taken place on a different day, so more students could enjoy it without having to worry about classes in the morning.

“I just wish they had it on a Friday instead of the middle of the week because people have class in the morning,” Wilson said.

Nonetheless, Wilson believes it was a good event for senior send-off that was able to incorporate the rest of the student body.

“It was for the seniors, but I think it was a good event for all students to enjoy,” Wilson said.


Hunter Huffman contributed to reporting