Facebook Dating not popular among BGSU students


Facebook Dating 10/8

Mary Ross and Mary Ross

Facebook users looking for relationships are now turning to the website’s new dating service, Facebook Dating, which was launched less than two weeks ago, according to a September 2019 NBC News article. While BGSU students are using online dating sites, such as Tinder and Bumble, many haven’t bought into Facebook Dating yet. 

Sophomore social work major, Courtney Foerg, has participated in online dating since coming to BGSU, but doesn’t believe she will be using Facebook Dating anytime soon.

“I probably will not be using Facebook because Facebook is more geared toward older generations and I don’t think there’s a lot of people my age who will be using Facebook as a dating app,” she said.

Though Facebook Dating may not be gaining popularity among college students just yet, doctorate candidate of sociology, Lindsey Aldrich, believes it will grow in popularity as it becomes more established with the Facebook brand in general.

“I think it might be very successful just because of the standard power of Facebook,” she said.

Facebook’s established popularity across generations also gives Facebook Dating more potential to become a successful dating site.

“Facebook is very established, and unlike any other social media, it spans generations. Young adults and college students may use Tinder and Bumble, but older folks, a lot of their media literacy is only in Facebook, so it might be very successful especially since half of marriages end in divorce, so people are repairing later in life,” Aldrich said.

Even if Facebook Dating doesn’t gain popularity, online dating is still popular among college students. According to eHarmony.com, 27% of young adults participate in online dating.

Some students are encouraged to use online dating from seeing the success of other relationships that have started online.

“I have met people through dating sites and I know people who are currently in successful relationships after meeting on dating sites,” Foerg said.

According to Statistica.com, 20% of 18 to 24-year-olds have met romantic partners through dating apps.

That percentage includes LGBTQ relationships. In fact, for the LGBTQ community, online dating is an easier way to find potential partners.

“Marginalized populations, like the LGBTQ community, they are way more likely to use online dating because it is harder to find matches without online dating,” Aldrich said.

But not only is it easier for people to meet potential partners, but it also is another way for all people to meet others.

“I think it’s just another way to put yourself out there and meet new people,” Foerg said. “I probably wouldn’t meet as many people without it.”

However, not all college students enjoy online dating. Sophomore undecided major, Matt Kaufman, would rather meet people in-person as opposed to online.

“I prefer meeting people face-to-face much more. The idea of meeting someone I don’t know and just going out with them does not make me comfortable,” he said.

But Kaufman conceded he would use Facebook Dating if he wanted to use online dating.

“I am more likely to use it than other dating sites,” he said.

Although many students at BGSU enjoy meeting people through online dating sites, Facebook Dating appears to have not gained mainstream popularity due to the idea that Facebook in general is for older generations.