Green Fund Committee asks students to keep their support for the initiative

Mohammad Ashour and Mohammad Ashour

 At Monday’s USG meeting, Madi Stump, the Director of Government Relations spoke to USG about the Green Fund Initiative. Stump informed USG that the initiative has funded several different projects on campus and are in the process of approving more going forward. The committee, according to Stump, will begin a new process for requesting funds for green initiatives starting this spring.

Stump asked the present senators at USG to speak to their constituents, stating, “I highly suggest that you highly recommend to your constituents that they not opt out of the Green Fund fee, it is $5 and the more money we have in this pool, the more student led programs we have, the more power we hold to make changes in the environmental realm on campus,” she said.

There are several upcoming events in the spring, partnering with the Wood County Library and other community partners that will highlight the centennial of women’s suffrage.

Stump reminded those present at the USG that the parking holiday ends for downtown Bowling Green.

“Keep in mind the parking holiday that the city council has given us the entire semester ends after the winter holiday, so expect to pay for parking again down town, off campus senators, let your people know,” Stump said.

Paul Valdez, the Associate Director of the Center for Public Impact spoke during the open forum at USG, highlighting some of the programs that the center offers to BGSU students. One of them was the BGSU Ending Hunger program, which helps students who may be short on food.

“We did a survey a few years ago that was alarming to us, about 47% of students on campus at one point had to make a decision on whether or not they ate, it could have been a one time thing or over a longer time and a challenge for them, but for us that was alarming.  This is one way the university can help support its students,” Valdez said.