USG unanimously passes resolution to support affordable breast cancer screening, calls for BGSU to support those battling breast cancer

Nia Lambdin and Nia Lambdin

The Undergraduate Student Government unanimously passed Senate Resolution 06 to have BGSU create accessible and affordable breast cancer screenings for students. 

S.R. 06 is titled “A Resolution Formally Supporting Ohio House Bill 371 and Advocating for Accessible and Affordable Breast Cancer Screenings.”

HB 371 supports more cost-efficient and advanced screening options for Ohio citizens.

USG is calling for BGSU to “advocate and support those battling breast cancer by making resources like early detection mammograms available to students on campus and creating programs on campus that educate students about how to conduct physical self-examinations.”

Director oF Student Safety and Wellness Abby Nichols is currently creating a webpage — to be attached to the USG webpage — designed to inform students of the Accessibility Services on campus and raise disability awareness.

Nichols explained that the website will clarify that Accessibility Services is “not limited to one type of disability” and “disability is not definable.” 

Two new senators were sworn in:

  • Maxwell Brickner: Student Labor Senator 

  • Keaton Thieding: Centennial Hall Senator