What to do before leaving for Thanksgiving break


Going home for Thanksgiving – Photo by Michaela Davis

Aspen Strauss and Aspen Strauss

All residence halls will be closed during Thanksgiving break starting at 10 a.m. on Nov. 24 and will reopen on Nov. 28. 

Before students leave for their break, resident hall advisors will be giving out a Thanksgiving break closing checklist. The checklist must be completed and signed by all roommates prior to departure. Hall staff will also be entering and thoroughly checking student’s rooms Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Things students must do before leaving the dorms:

  • Clean your room

  • Empty all trash and take it to the dumpster

  • Empty room recycling containers and take them to the larger recycling containers in the hall or lobbies

  • Leave the heat on

  • Close and lock the windows

  • Leave curtains open, except on the ground floor

  • Take home any valuables

  • Make sure furniture is not blocking room doors or windows

  • Turn off all lights

  • Lock the door and take your key and PED with you

Those students who will be staying on campus must have already submitted an application through MyBGSU and paid the fee of $120. These students must remember that they may be assigned to temporary housing — meaning they will not be assigned to their current room or hall and dining on-campus will be very limited.

If you are part of Greek life and live in Greek houses, those units will be closed during the break. 

Those in Greek life who were approved to stay on campus during the break will be assigned to temporary housing.

Visit BGSU’s Office of Residence Life webpage for further information or contact the office with any questions at 419-372-2011 or [email protected]