Student employment around campus

Aspen Strauss and Aspen Strauss

If you’re similar to most students on campus and are looking for ways to keep a steady income while also being able to stay focused on studies, finding a job on campus is a good avenue to venture down.

BGSU students can find job postings on campus by logging into their MyBGSU and going to  Handshake under the Career Center. This program will assist students who are seeking part-time and seasonal jobs on campus while also offering off-campus employment. There are also opportunities for students to look into co-op internships as well as post-graduation careers.

Students must first make an account on Handshake to start the career search process. Handshake will generate a page that gives an option to fill out achievements about a student, their major and other facts they can add to personalize the algorithm. But if students are just looking for on-campus jobs you do not need to fill out the whole questionnaire. 

While on Handshake, look in the upper left hand corner and click on jobs. From there, a student is able to filter their search by location, job type and more.

Once the student finds a job that looks interesting to them, all information will be posted with the job such as application deadline, the posted date, estimated salary and the role description.

“After the selection process is completed by the BGSU employer, they initiate an electronic hiring form that is sent to our office. If the student is a nice hire, they receive notifications to complete the onboarding process — which consists of completing several forms electronically and visiting our office to complete the process. If a student has worked on campus before they do not have to visit the office, however both types of students must wait until their E-hire is processed and they receive authorization to begin working,” Director of Student Employment Services Dawn Frieson said.

For students who are worried about time commitments but still want to earn money, Frieson said that all BGSU employers are flexible and understand that students are here at BGSU to obtain an academic degree, not to only work.

“Many students benefit from working on campus because of the many opportunities for ‘real-work experiences,’” Frieson said. “These part-time jobs teach lifelong skills that help our student employees succeed in their future careers and in life.”

For any student looking for employment, whether on or off-campus, uploading a resume to Handshake is the first step in the right direction to be approved by the Career Center and if students have not yet made one for themselves BGSU offers a guide to creating a resume.