Health Center and its Potential Upgrades


Wood County Health Department located at 1840 E Gypsy Lane Rd in Bowling Green.

Emily Dimick | Reporter

The Wood County Health Department is going to expand its health center with a $600,000 budget to avoid temporary closures, according to the Sentinel-Tribune. 

The facility will remain open throughout the process, while using the funds to add onto the behavioral health facility, patients rooms, medical exam rooms and the pharmacy. 

According to the Wood County Health Department, the plan is to use $33,900 to complete the construction. The remaining $483,200 will be used for other costs like painting and contingencies, totaling $600,000. 

Another option was for the building to move to a facility in Haskins, which would cost approximately $37,600. However, a survey was completed by patients stating they prefer the phased-in approach where they don’t have to move to a new building, according to the Wood County Health Center. 

“The 33,900 for the phased-in approach seems a very small price to pay. We’re here to serve the public. And we’ve got the money available to do this,” board member of the Wood County Health Center Richard Strow said. 

Health Commissioner Benjamin Robison pointed out to the Sentinel-Tribune that the original estimates for the project are $652,000, therefore they are right on target.