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April 11, 2024

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TriggaMeals expands to Doordash

Drake Harlett
DeAnte Shivers, TriggaMeals

TriggaMeals has expanded its service to DoorDash recently to serve the community in bigger ways than they ever could. TriggaMeals, originally a carryout-only restaurant, was created by BGSU alumni DeAnte Shivers in July 2016 and is based out of Ziggy’s on East Wooster Street. With this DoorDash collaboration, DeAnte has been able to reach more than the Ziggy’s community, which is a goal he has had for a while.  

Q: What inspired you to start TriggaMeals? 

DS: When I started it in July 2016, my mom had unexpectedly passed away a couple months prior, in March. Initially it was just a way to make ends meet because I knew my dad and brother were picking up my mom passing back home. I was really just trying to get in where I fit in and help them out a little bit while helping myself and it was actually given to me as an idea from one of my old roommates. We lived together and I was always cooking, and he came over one night and he told me “Man you should start selling food.” So, I started doing that and here we are eight years later. It was never supposed to last as long as it has, I thought maybe it would go until I was out of school, but when I graduated and had a hard time finding a job, it just became a thing. I just trusted the plan and realized that this was my calling.  

Q: What about TriggaMeals sets you apart from other small food companies? 

DS: For me, really having a relationship with the university because I started as a student. People seeing where I started at, to where I am now to what the future may hold, I feel like I’m able to connect with the community a bit more and that’s the biggest thing. I have a different relationship with every customer, and that really separates me from the rest. I really care about building relationships with the people here and not only use TriggaMeals to help myself and my family but also others as well because people poured so much into TriggaMeals and I want to give that back. Without the community I wouldn’t be where I am and it’s selfish of me to hold on to everything that’s coming to me but not give it back. That’s just how I was raised growing up, we were always taught to give back, so that’s what I’m doing. 

Q: How have you seen TriggaMeals grow over the past few years? 

DS: I started in my studio apartment, so everything was in one room, and I had one menu item everyday then I moved into a bigger apartment, and now to Ziggy’s with four or five menu items. It’s grown so much; I’ve grown so much as a person. I think the biggest thing that I have learned is patience. I am a perfectionist and I hate to keep people waiting, so I had to be patient with myself. It’s seriously grown so much, I have my own merchandise now, I’ve cooked for NFL teams, I’ve had NFL quarterbacks reach out to me asking me to cook for them. I went on a college tour, and I’ve been able to really do so much more in the community. So, it’s grown a whole lot.  

Q: You recently got involved with DoorDash, how do you think that this advancement will change or help TriggaMeals?  

DS: Just within these three days that I’ve been doing it, it’s helped so tremendously. For the people on the more residential side of town who’ve always wanted to try TriggaMeals but don’t want to come into the bar or be around college kids, this is opening and growing the community of people who can try TriggaMeals. I can still cater to them, but they don’t have to leave their house. It’s helped business a whole lot and again it’s only been three days. I had always wanted to do delivery and it’s better late than never. It’s been a busy last few days, but it’s good. I’m still trying to learn the system but I’m learning.  

Q: What does it mean to you to know that you’re helping the BG community?  

DS: It really means a lot to me, to even be in the position to be able to help other people. When it got to that point where it was no longer about me, I wanted to show the world what my parents taught us growing up, which is to help people. So, my thought is how can I help others through TriggaMeals? Because some people don’t have money for food, and I never want anyone to go hungry, so at the end of the night I give out four or five free meals. I do this because I remember being a college student and not knowing where my next meal was coming from. I just want to help others who are where I once was. And I do stuff like this around the campus too. I started this annual thing where during finals week I go to the library and hand out meals. Last semester we were able to feel around 70 people and it just really means a lot because I never thought I would be in this position. And to have the support of the community around me, the students, faculty and staff, the whole university is rooting for me and that feels great.  

Q: Where do you think TriggaMeals will be in four – five years?  

DS: Probably have my own space, something in town. Somewhere that people could come and get their food. A space that I could make my own, do what I want to do with it, make it very welcoming. I’m not saying Ziggy’s is bad because I love Ziggy’s I love being there, so it’ll be kind of hard to leave that space, but being able to offer my own spot will be good for me. Possibly having a food truck, different locations. I have so many different ideas for TriggaMeals so we’ll see where those take me. The goal is my own spot though, and I never ever want TriggaMeals to leave BG. This is where I started, and this is the community that helped me be what I am today. Start here first and if it expands, we’ll figure it out then.  

Q: How has starting TriggaMeals changed your life? 

DS: So many different ways. I’ve been able to connect with so many more people, get to know more people, it’s taken me places that I never thought I would go. Just this past December I was contacted by some of the San Francisco 49ers and asked to go cook for them. I grew up a Michigan fan – Go Blue –and I’ve been able to cook for their football team. I even went down to Ohio State, and they welcomed me. It’s done so much for me to the point where I’m like “Oh my god, this is insane.” But I’ve gotten to the point where I know at the end of the day, I’m going to be taken care of. I’m no longer worrying about me; I’m now working to help other people. And I don’t love to talk about the stuff I’ve done but, I mentioned how my mom passed and with starting TriggaMeals I was able to work with the university to start a scholarship in honor of my mom for students who have lost a parent or legal guardian. Things I’ve been wanting to do all my life, and I’m getting to do that. It’s been unreal. There’s a lot more in store. 

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