BGSU Faculty Association reaches deal with administration

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The University and the Faculty Association have reached an agreement in relation to what will be the union’s first contract.

The agreement is still being finalized and details of the agreement will need to be ratified by the Faculty Association’s membership and the Board of Trustees, according to a press release from the University.

“We’re pleased to have reached a mutually beneficial agreement with the Faculty Association,” said University President Mary Ellen Mazey in a joint press release with the Faculty Association. “This will allow us to move forward in concert with the faculty to achieve our goals as an institution.”

Faculty Association President David Jackson also expressed his content with the deal.

“This is a fair first contract for our members and for the University. Significant compromises were agreed to by both parties. We look forward to implementing the contract and continuing to work for the good of BGSU,” Jackson said in the press release.

The association will likely approach its members sometime in early April and the Board of Trustees will likely call for a special meeting to vote on the agreement, according to the press release.

The board’s next scheduled meeting is set for May 3.