USG honors campus leaders, senators at year-end banquet


USG president Alex Solis gives his remarks about the past year in USG

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The Undergraduate Student Government gathered Monday night for a banquet to celebrate the year’s accomplishments, awarding this school year’s members hours after swearing in next term’s senators.

“I want to congratulate the student government on a great year,” said University President Mary Ellen Mazey during the banquet. “It’s been my honor and privilege to be a part of this.”

Mazey outlined the main accomplishments of the University, all of which had USG’s support. This included several green initiatives, new greek housing, gender-neutral housing for next school year, discussions of a proposed smoking ban and the planned Student Rec Center renovations.

Jill Carr, dean of students and vice president of Student Affairs, also lauded the student government’s accomplishments.

“I’ve been very impressed with the resolutions you’ve passed this year,” said Carr, who has served as the advisor to USG in past years. “I hope that you will continue with the strong leadership.”

USG President Alex Solis and Vice President David Neely thanked the student government for their work and collaboration this year.

“Alex and I came into this position this year really wanting to increase visibility and letting all students feel a part of USG,” Neely said.

Solis further commended the collaboration between the legislative and executive branches, also expressing excitement for the continuing work.

“We have a lot looking ahead … that doesn’t end when the term is over,” he said.

USG Speaker Melissa Dzienny acknowledged the large number of first-year senators.

“This means that we have so many emerging leaders,” she said.

The student government finished its term this past week, during which the new members were elected.

Solis and Neely were re-elected in their unopposed race. They, along with the other elected senators, were sworn in Monday prior to the banquet at the Falcon’s Nest.

USG’s next term will start this semester, as the new administration will have two meetings before summer. The first meeting is next Monday, during which the senate will elect the new committee chairs, which includes academic affairs, auxiliary affairs, internal affairs and student affairs.