Trustees hike BGSU room, meal plan rates

Campus Editor and Campus Editor

Students will be spending more money to live and eat on campus this coming fall.

The University’s Board of Trustees approved an increase in cost for residence hall room and meal plan rates during its Friday meeting at the University’s Firelands campus.

The changes will go into effect this fall, with each rate being increased by two percent or more.

Alex Solis, Undergraduate Student Government president, was at the meeting and said USG plans to let students know of the changes through its meetings and social media.

“I never support raising student dollars,” he said. “I’m never really happy about rates going up.”

Solis said he does not get an actual “vote” on decisions such as raising room and meal plan rates.

The board approved an average 2.37 percent increase in residence hall room rates, which was described as “modest” according the raise’s resolution information.

Among the factors considered in the board’s decision were the current economic difficulties University students and families may face and the need to re-invest in new and existing housing. The resolution also included the fact that room rates are only part of students’ cost to attend the University and the desire to make University housing prices competitive to other options.

The University is currently among the top five lowest costing four-year public colleges in Ohio as far as room and board. Current rates charge $8,064 for room and board, according to housing rates for four-year schools in Ohio.

With the increase this fall, the University will charge approximately $8,244, according to the proposed cost. This change will likely keep the University at number five among other Ohio four-year public colleges.

In addition to room rates, students can also expect an increase in meal plan rates. The board approved a two percent increase in meal plan costs starting this fall.

The increase will mean meal plan costs will increase in an amount from $15 to $40, depending on the plan. Meal plan rates were not increased this past year, said Mike Paulus, director of Dining Services.

The board also discussed changes to the Student Recreation Center, Founders Hall and Olscamp Hall. All changes were approved.

This was the first time since 2008 that the board hosted its meeting at the Firelands campus in Huron, Ohio.

“We’ve really enjoyed coming here,” said William Primrose, chair of the board.

Having the board back to Firelands was great, said Bill Balzer, president of the University’s satellite campus.

“We think it’s a wonderful restoration of tradition,” he said. “I think they get a sort of face-to-face experience with students at BGSU Firelands. It helps them to see an important part of the BGSU student body.”

The board heard from students and faculty at Firelands during its meeting and some members also took a tour of the campus.

During her report, University President Mary Ellen Mazey said she is happy to have now been at the University for 19 months.

“What I think I’m very proud of at BG are the partnerships we’re building,” she said.

The University master plan has also been implemented more since being inaugurated, she said.

“We are really changing the BGSU campus, which will make such a difference in the recruitment and retention of our students and most of all in their success,” Mazey said.