Adderall may be abused for studying

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With classes, homework, extracurricular activities and jobs, some college students may be trying to balance their time for each activity.

Some students need help focusing on tasks throughout the day and may be prescribed a drug called Adderall by their doctor.

Adderall is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine, used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and narcolepsy.

However, some students may be getting the prescription drug illegally from friends and using it to focus on studying or completing other tasks.

“Students typically use Adderall because they believe that it will help them study, stay focused and stay awake,” Alcohol and Drug Prevention Specialist, Alicia Komives said. “This may or may not be the case depending on the person and they should consult with a physician first.”

Senior Alex Kocab, who does not have a prescription, said he uses the drug to help him focus on his schoolwork.

“It just makes you feel more alert and awake,” Kocab said. “It makes you energized to get an edge on exams and studying.”

Among persons age 18 to 22, full-time college students were twice as likely to use Adderall non-medically in the past year as those who had not been in college at all or who were only part time students, according to a federal government statistic.

Students might be turning to the drug because of their lifestyle, said Faith Yingling, director of Wellness.

“It may be a time management issue, not getting enough sleep or they are feeling stressed out,” Yingling said. “There might be other things that we might be able to focus on to help with those things versus having to resort to the use of a drug to help do that.”

Although the drug may help some students focus, there are effects and health concerns that students are not aware of, Yingling said.

“The problem with using any sort of drug that isn’t prescribed to you is that you don’t know what the effect is going to be on you,” Yingling said. “You don’t know how your body is going to react.”

Students may also become addicted to Adderall or begin to use other drugs, Yingling said.

“One of the biggest dangers is that it lies in the possibility of dependence on the drug,” Yingling said. “This particular drug has a high risk of abuse and dependence.”

Kocab is not concerned about the effects it could cause to his body and health.

“I have done some research on it, but it doesn’t really seem like it’s that bad using it,” Kocab said.