Application offers students dining hall information

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Students can now access dining information from their smart phones.

University Dining Services created an application called AppOnCampus this past semester to make information easier to access for students.

For Allan Rubenstein, sophomore, using the app has made finding information effortless.

“The app has lists of times the dining halls are open,” Rubenstein said. “This makes it a lot easier than pulling up Safari on my phone and trying to find it that way.”

There is a special section for students like Rubenstein, to make finding hours even easier. Each dining hall is highlighted in either red or green to indicate whether the hall is open or closed.

However, there is something missing for Rubenstein.

“I wish it had the menu for the different places,” Rubenstein said. “It would be nice to be able to compare the options right on the app.”

There will be changes coming soon, said Sara Meyer, marketing director for University Dining.

Meyer said University Dining is aiming to add menus to the app.

Meyer helped advertise the new app and was involved with the company that made the app meet the University’s wishes.

“The app was made by Chartwells, the management company for Dining Services,” Meyer said. “They designed the app to go with our website.”

The University didn’t have much say in what actually went into the app, Meyer said. In order to find out what the University wanted from the app, there was a council set up consisting of a dining adviser, faculty, staff, and students. Meyer has been waiting for the app for more than a year, and is happy with how the app turned out, she said.

“The app has special events happening in the different dining halls, specials, a map with walking directions to the different locations and social media feedback,” Meyer said. “My favorite part about the app is the hours and how they change color if they are open or closed.”

Along with future plans to add a menu, Meyer wants to expand the University app by including the dining app, so the placement will be more convenient for students.

Katie Adams, freshman, tried to download the app this past Thursday.

“I wanted to see what the times were for the Oaks, but something happened that made it not load,” Adams said. “I think it was my Wi-Fi though, not the actual app.”

Adams said she will try to download the app again because she is interested in the times and the menus.

Freshman Lisa Hewitt wants to download the app as well.

“I am getting an iPhone over spring break,” Hewitt said. “One of the first apps I want to have is the dining app. I want to be able to see what is happening at the different places.”

Students interested in downloading the app can visit