City elections offer big opportunities

Matt Hoostal and Matt Hoostal

We have the opportunity to vote for genuine progress Nov. 5, rather than the usual lesser of two evils.

We can vote yes to amend BG’s charter and ban fracking, a method of gas extraction that releases cancer-causing radon and hydrocarbons into our air and water. In addition to protecting the natural environment of Bowling Green, we have a chance to bring greater social justice to Bowling Green and elect Green Party candidate Joe DeMare to city council.

Joe will work for clean energy, bike lanes and policies that favor local entrepreneurs over chain corporations. With two seats open in city council, we each have two votes and can support Joe DeMare in addition to any other favored candidate.

Moreover, we have a chance to elect a third-party candidate and send a message to the two larger parties to work for all residents and not just the privileged few. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, please vote for the BG charter amendment and Joe DeMare for city council.

—Matt Hoostal

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