Problems in America not new; time to make changes

Kayla Brandts and Kayla Brandts

Throughout history, in most time periods, every society has had key questions that need to be answered.

America is no exception. There is always some big problem that needs to be solved.

In the 1930s, it was answering and coming up with a solution to build the economy back up, which was in shambles.

In the 1960s, the major social issue was segregation and the practice of racism. Leading up to today, a lot of changes are trying to occur.

Things like a balanced federal budget, the deficit, Obamacare and government handouts are words we hear often.

And though most everyone has proposed answers to these topics, the question that really needs to be answered is: what is the role of the government? Because ultimately that is the question.

With the institution of things like Obamacare and other redistribution of wealth endeavors our government leaders have pushed for, that crucial question is begging to be answered.

Without a clear definition of what each side believes, honestly believes, to be the role of the government, turmoil and disunity will continue.

In my opinion, the government role should be to secure our borders, contest terrorist groups from attacking our country and to get criminals off the streets. Its role should be to ensure peace and tranquility among the states and people.

The government’s role is not to play savior and fix every problem that comes along. Americans cannot rely on the government to fulfill all of their needs.

The bigger and more powerful we allow the government to become, the less freedom we will have. In the same way, a lot of people do not trust big businesses because of corruption and greed, we have to remember that a big government has the same opportunity to become like these big businesses that abuse their power.

The basic nature of people does not change moving from the private sector to the public one.

Gerald R. Ford once said: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

This is something that often gets forgotten in the sometimes seemingly whimsical and heroic way certain legislation is presented to us.

The big picture and the implications of decisions are lost among promises and unrealistic visions of how things should be.

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