Politicians should fear being ‘out of touch’

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As politicians in Washington reach a stalemate and the American people wait for their government to resume, one must still wonder if there is any hope left for today’s politics.

I’m not referring to left- or right-wing agendas, but the mere ability to achieve progress in a diplomatic fashion.

Negotiations today don’t reflect much difference between negotiations in the past. Leaders such as Roosevelt and Johnson faced many critics who doubted their goals both domestically and abroad.

Similar to politicians today, they faced difficult choices in choosing the right decision over what may have been the more popular decision versus what may be the right decision. Today’s choices haven’t changed much, but the type of politician has.

Today’s events have shown us politicians are nothing more than grown-up children, using tactics that a child begging for candy would use.

What’s worse is that many voters are fueled to place their votes based on these qualities alone. As a result we find that politicians aren’t elected based off of money, intellect or power.

They are chosen based on their ability to appease the simple-minded and those swayed by the general media.

The ability to gain access to information rapidly has also changed our scope of politicians. Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook are now being utilized to rally support for causes and display who’s winning the popularity vote.

All this has achieved is the division of American families and groups who view political issues differently. One could argue that it’s the average politician that divides a nation, not the laws or motives they try to instill.

If there is one thing politicians should fear more than conspiracy theories and sex scandals, it’s the possibility of falling out of touch with reality.

Far too many of today’s politicians have fallen out of touch with what’s capable and acceptable among the global audience.

Too many are divided between pleasing their voters and pleasing their own egos. We have seen this time after time as highly capable individuals enter the political atmosphere only to fall to their own vices. All this has shown is that politics is a black hole that has the capability to consume capable people and turn them into nothing more than liars and criminals.

If the American people want to move forward, they need to be more observant of their surroundings and elect selfless individuals who are forward-thinking and willing to think on behalf of the generations that will succeed them, not just the ones that are already in place.

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