Chemistry lab renovated

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New fume hoods are just one of the many new things in the recently renovated organic chemistry lab students can use.

The lab is located at 318 in the Physical Science Building and was finished being renovated before Fall Semester started.

Robert Boucher was the project manager for the lab, and said the cost to renovate the lab was about $850,000 and the money came from the state of Ohio funding.

“If you look above the ceiling in the room, there’s a lot of stuff you don’t see here,” Boucher said. “When you look at the room you’re like ‘how do you spend that much money?’ but all this casework you’ll see in there, everything was about between $200,000 to $250,000 worth of equipment and casework. Plus, there’s all types of stainless steel ductwork and supply systems that are computer controlled.”

The lab was renovated because it was in need of a remodel.

“The existing lab was outdated and it needed an upgrade,” Boucher said. “It’s been there since the building was made in ’84 and since it’s a teaching lab it had a lot of use. It had outlived its usefulness.”

The lab is designed to be more energy-efficient through the use of LED lighting and the new fume hoods.

“The lighting systems are LED-type lightings instead of the florescent type tubes,” Boucher said. “The LEDs are more energy-efficient type lighting.”

There’s 12 fume hoods in the lab now that are see-through, he said.

“The fume hoods are more energy-efficient because when they are not in use, there is less air exhaust that needs to be heated or cooled,” said Department Chair of Chemistry John Cabel.

“[The students] do their experiments in the hoods so the fumes can be vent out so students can work and not get hurt,” Boucher said.

Cabel said in the past, experiments were done on workbenches.

“We did have a few fume hoods in the corner of the room but there weren’t enough for the students,” he said. “The new design was [made so] for every student is able to do experiments in the fume hoods.”

There is also a new computer projector and teaching wall, Cabel said.

“There are a couple students from last year that like the lab and are really excited to be the first to use it,” he said.

Mary Toth, chemical laboratory supervisor one, likes the new lab for more safety reasons.

“It is definitely much better for safety aspects,” she said. “They are much better because of all the chemicals [students] are working with.”

Toth also likes the extra space that was added to the lab.

“I do like how you can see into it,” she said. “The old lab had two separate rooms, now it’s one room and it’s easier for the teaching staff to oversee. That’s my favorite about how it’s all one large room.”