Meal plans provide many advantages for BGSU students

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When students get a meal plan, their first thoughts may concern the convenience of it, or how it doesn’t seem like spending actual money.

These thoughts entered sophomore Amber Dudley’s head when she came to the University.

“I am on campus all of the time with classes and [residence halls], so it makes sense to go with a meal plan,” she said.

There are many advantages to having a meal plan, such as how customizable it is and how much money it can save.

“Students can use their meal plans at all of these locations, and what makes it even better is that meal plans offer savings,” said Sara Meyer, marketing director of Dining Services. “When using a meal plan, students are able to save money for other necessities like books or that BGSU sweatshirt you have been dying to have.”

Just because students may see prices on the meal plans go up, does not mean they also won’t notice an increase on discounts.

“Meal plans can also be used for culinary classes that are offered on campus,” Meyer said, “like sushi rolling or gingerbread workshops.”

Even though the convenience is something Dudley likes about meal plan, she wishes there were more versatility to the menus throughout the year.

“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the food but I see repetition a lot,” she said. “That may be something they cannot control with costs or something though.”

Dudley also said the price is a little too high.

“I always have money at the end of the year, which is fine because I can buy stuff at the Outtakes, but the prices are still high on certain items,” she said.

Mike Paulus, director of Dining Services, said there is no requirement to have a meal plan for two years, but since the Board of Trustees has set a two-year residency requirement for students, they need a meal plan.

“Students living in University housing are required to have a meal plan,” Paulus said. “Exceptions are granted to Greek Housing where licensed kitchens and trained culinary exist.”

Since everything is right on campus, students can save gas and money because they will not have to go grocery shopping, cook or clean.

Dining halls even accept BG1 cards and credit cards.

“Students will still get a discount because it comes with the meal, not how you pay,” Meyer said. “It’s really up to the student, but it is a great experience for [students] while living on campus.”