Post hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance finds third new singer, still pleases fans

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Imagine your favorite band changed lead singers.

What the heck would that do to the band’s sound? Could this new lead singer even cover the old stuff live?

Yeah, it can be nerve wracking. My favorite band, Dance Gavin Dance, is now on its third lead singer.

When the post hardcore band announced Tillian Pearson, formerly of the band Tides of Man, I was pretty irked because I did not think his high-pitched voice would fit with DGD. DGD has had mid-range, more soulful singers in the past [Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis].

Well, as I’ve seen first-hand at their concert at Peabody’s in Cleveland on Oct. 10, the kid can hang.

The band released their new album last week, “Acceptance Speech”, two days before the concert. That’s the only thing I listened to on YouTube and on my iPod when it came out.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified … but Pearson fits in perfectly and his voice fits in perfectly with the band and more importantly, the screamer Jon Mess.

For those of you who hate post hardcorse, it is important you’re two singers compliment eachother, like Crosby, Stills and Nash [and sometimes Young].

This chemistry is highlighted in songs such as “Acceptance Speech” and “Carve.”

Although they’ve made changes, they are very much the same old band, and their discography proves it. From the self-titled album onward, they found a way to mix funky riffs reminiscent of disco. So you could be moshing one moment to grooving the next, which makes the band unique in a flood of generic screamo bands.

Change may not always work for bands but Dance Gavin Dance knows how to endure it and so do its fans.