BGSU Resident Student Association hosts annual Halloween Funfest for children to trick or treat on campus

Amirah Adams and Amirah Adams

Children in the surrounding community will have the opportunity to go trick or treating not only in neighborhoods, but also on campus next week.

The Resident Student Association hosts the Halloween Funfest for kids every year.

The purpose of the event is to encourage community collaboration, and to do so, RSA collaborates with different sororities on campus to put on the event.

“We like to include them to try and bridge the gap between Greek life and the residence halls and to create more of a community for all of us,” Vice President of RSA, Briana D’Entremont said.

This year there are five sororities involved, which is more than the amount of participants in previous years. The sororities include Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Gamma, Chi Omega, Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Xi Delta.

RSA funds the majority of the event, including the apple cider and candy that is provided.

They also provide the participating sororities with candy to hand out to all of the children.

The organizations and hall councils participating are responsible for paying for all other materials they intend to use for the event.

While the participants are not required to dress up, they are strongly encouraged to do so.

“Last year, we had a participant from Offenhauer dress up as Clifford the Big Red Dog and one little girl would not leave him alone,” D’Entremont said. “We had a hard time getting her to go home with her mother. It was really cute.”

Students will be able to trick or treat at the houses behind the Union.

There will be a trick or treating route mapped out for volunteers to take the children around to the different houses participating.

Some students think that this event is very exciting.

“I wish I knew that this was going on,“ said Ciara Wilson, senior, “I might have tried to find a way to get involved.”

Other students think it gives students on campus an opportunity to become more involved in the Bowling Green community.

“I think it’s a cool idea,” said Brook-Lynn Williams, sophomore,” It gives organizations on campus an opportunity to do something for the kids in the community.”

There are also other organizations participating in the event such as ‘SMART.’

SMART, Students of color mentoring, Aiding, Retaining and Teaching, is a campus mentor organization. They will be taking children around the trick or treating route.

The National Residence Hall Honorary, the Collegiate Middle Level Association and the Latino Student Union are also participating in this year’s event.

“This is an event that happens every year,” D’Entremont said,”I am just carrying on the tradition.”

The event takes place on the evening of Tuesday, October 29 from 6 to 8.