Take a step back, realize how your actions may affect the ones around you

Columnist and Columnist

Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking to realize when you’re throwing yourself into a rut.

Then, it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to stop doing the things that are causing the rut to happen, or start doing things that will prevent you from putting yourself into a rut.

The hardest part is taking a step back and realizing what the problem is.

Are you spreading yourself too thin without realizing it? You might not realize it until the test scores come back and you know you could have done better if you spent more time studying than doing other things.

If your grades are suffering, what else is? Your actions don’t reflect on just yourself, but those around you as well.

It’s hard at times to see what you’re doing does to those who you know personally. They react to what you do, good or bad. Without realizing it, you can be driving them away with your actions.

While it’s possible for you to be aware you’re doing it, the magnitude of the situation might not sink in until you’re looking at the bigger picture. With friendships, it’s not as easily mended if it goes on for too long. Take a step back and make sure everything is OK before it’s too late. Talk to those who you’ve possibly harmed and make a conscience effort from now on to make sure everything is fine.

As the semester wears on, there are millions of other concerns running through your mind. Are you keeping yourself healthy? Are you running yourself too thin that you don’t know how you’re keeping up with everything?

It’s about time to change what you’re doing. Spend more time studying or on homework, or find time for yourself if it’s the other way around. Don’t waste this good opportunity you’re given to further your education. Once it’s gone, it might be hard to get back.

Things will start to look up if you take care of yourself and make sure everything is right. Don’t fool yourself into thinking nothing is wrong until you’re able to see the whole picture. Once you see the whole picture, you can make the changes you need to in not just classes, but with your life as a whole.

Hopefully, what’s here makes sense. Getting through these rough ruts takes a lot of thinking and reflecting. Making changes is hard, but some changes are harder to make than others. With a little perseverance and work, it’s possible.