BGSU employees recognized through “Spirit of BG” award

Jodi Abazoski and Jodi Abazoski

The Classified Staff Council presents the “Spirit of BG” award throughout the year to classified staff members who are nominated.

Any hourly employee on campus is considered classified staff.

Terry Carver, an administrative secretary for Recreation and Wellness, is the chair of the “Spirit of BG” committee and July’s recipient.

Many different people can nominate a staff member for the award.

“It can come from the person’s supervisor; it can come from a colleague or a student,” Carver said.

Carver, along with the eight other staff members that make up the committee, review the nominees to verify each person meets the qualification requirements.

The classified staff member nominated has to be a permanent employee to qualify, but can be part-time or full-time.

“The nominees all get invited to our end of the year Classified Staff Awards program which is held in May,” Carver said.

A group picture taken at the annual award ceremony can be found on the CSC webpage and on a plaque in the Union. There is also a campus update each month.

The nominees receive a certificate and a portion of the $900 that makes up the council’s annual budget.

The spirit award has evolved during the 15 years that it has been given. Nominee names used to be chosen out of a hat, so there was one recipient each month.

Now, every qualified nominee receives recognition.

“If you’re nominated, that alone says you’ve done something well,” Carver said.

Those interested in nominating a classified staff member can do so by going to the CSC website and filling out a nomination form. The form asks that the nominator give the reasons that the particular staff member should be acknowledged.

Carver felt the award served its purpose, especially after receiving the award herself.

“It is a great morale booster and that’s the intention,” she said.

August nominee, Dianne Mershman, echoed a similar sentiment about the award. She was nominated by fellow classified staff member Roger Heminger and was not aware that the award existed before she received the certificate in her campus mailbox.

“I was pleasantly surprised and certainly appreciated Roger nominating me,” she said. “We work together as a team so I feel like this should be for him as well.”

Heminger nominated his colleague because he enjoys going to work with her everyday.

“To be able to come into work and know that someone is always going to be happy, in a good mood and willing to do whatever is needed of her is a great thing,” he said.