Interfraternity Council to introduce new recruitment strategy

William Channell Reporter and William Channell Reporter

The Interfraternity Council’s first “All-Star Football Game” was hosted Monday night at 8 p.m. at the University’s Doyt Perry Stadium.

The event, which was hosted in order to increase fraternity recruitment for this semester, had each fraternity in the IFC send two members to participate in the event, where everybody split into two teams.

Junior Dan Phillips, IFC president, said he was excited for the event.

“Whenever I see members of the fraternity, they always bring up the game,” said Phillips. “The big thing is that they’re excited we’re having it in the Doyt, under the lights.”

Junior Jaron Antill said he was excited as well and said the event was great and emphasized how seeing members out of each fraternity’s stereotype is a valuable experience.

“Getting all the chapters together to do something as one is a real eye opener,” said Antill.

Many of the participants who arrived early began playing around as the crowd came in, illustrating the informal attitude of the event.

The event began at 8 p.m., and by 8:10 p.m. each fraternity was well represented, with many rushing freshmen enjoying the game.

“It’s awesome, all the fraternities coming together. Kind of like fraternity bonding,” said Ian Soule, a rushing freshman. “Plus it’s sports and stuff, so the guys are all over it.”

Phillips noticed the freshmens’ excitement.

“The freshmen and potential new members were coming up to members of exec and talking about how they were excited for the game,” said Phillips. “They want to be here.”

Senior Dan Pesato explained how the event came about and the purpose for the switching up recruitment this year.

“It was actually thought up by the previous IFC recruitment chair. They thought of it to showcase our intermural competitive side,” said Pesato. “Once I heard about it I just kind of ran with it.

The crowd was fully involved in the game and was cheering on both teams and their fraternity brothers.”

Even though this event highlighted each fraternities competitive side, Phillips said that wasn’t the main purpose of the event. It was to showcase the teamwork seen in fraternities rather than being purely competitive.

“It’s not just these fraternities are competing against each other, it’s more like they’re working together.” Phillips said.

In addition to his excitement about this year’s game being the first, Phillips said he intends to have the game be a yearly tradition.

“I just thought it was an amazing idea,” he said.