Festival to get students involved


Students attend Campusfest on August 30th 2012.

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Students will have a chance to see every organization the University has to offer on Thursday.

The annual Campus Fest will feature more than 300 student organizations, all looking to recruit new students.

The festival will take place in front of the Union Oval and stretch to old campus from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Along with student organizations, city businesses will be present such as Qdoba, said Mike Freyaldenhoven, assistant dean of students in the Office of Campus Activities.

Among the student organizations, fraternities such as Alpha Tau Omega will be trying to recruit students.

Mike Workman, president of Alpha Tau Omega, wants to promote his fraternity, but also wants students to find what works best for them.

Workman enjoys Campus Fest because of the fact that it gives students an opportunity to find what they are interested in and meet new people.

“We just want everyone to fit in where they fit in,” he said.

A sense of belonging is a theme the University wants to focus on in the years to come, Freyaldenhoven said.

Campus Fest is a good way to kick off the year and create an atmosphere of students being involved on campus, he said.

The reason the University wants to create this atmosphere so early is that the first six weeks are vital to student retention, Freyaldenhoven said.

Freyaldenhoven said the people at the tables are excited to meet students and said students should explore Campus Fest to figure out what they want to do with their time at the University.

“I think I would tell students to walk around the entire fest,” he said.

Besides getting involved in organizations, some students attend the fest for the free giveaways at the tables.

“[I’m coming] because I’m new on campus and I want free stuff,” said junior Alex Freeman.

Freeman said he’s also interested in meeting new people.

Sophomore Noah Willis is interested in joining the Public Relations Student Society of America because he is a public relations major, but is keeping his mind open to other possibilities.

“I’m just going to see what’s there, I’m not really sure yet,” he said.

Sophomore Ashley Ryan hopes to interact with friendly members of organizations.

Last year Ryan felt many booths ignored her, and hopes to find more inviting booths this year.

She is also going to support friends who are working Campus Fest.

Freyaldenhoven said Campus Fest exists to make students feel welcome at the Univesity.

“We really want to focus on students belonging on our campus,” he said.