Campus Fest attracts students to organizations

Jodi Abazoski and Jodi Abazoski

If students stopped by Campus Fest on their way to class yesterday, it was probably because they’re interested in joining an on-campus club.

Or maybe they noticed that Papa John’s was giving away pizza.

Campus Fest is an event put together by the Office of Campus Activities that gives clubs, organizations and local businesses an opportunity to gain visibility with students.

It was almost impossible to miss as the surrounding area of the Union and “old campus” was filled with not only people handing out fliers, coupons and free sunglasses, but with the sounds of the BG Radio blaring in the background.

Sophomore Ivory Price was proud to represent the World Students Association table because she said she is passionate about the group’s mission.

“When we bring American students and international students together, we can learn from each other,” she said. “Now I have friends from all over the world.”

Many organizations aimed to become more well-known among students.

“We set up [our booth] because we want to be known as the place to go for volunteer opportunities,” said Meresa McKesson, a senior business major representing the Office of Service-Learning.

H2O is a church organization that hosts a weekly service in the Union ballroom. They presented their group at Campus Fest to tell students about their ministry.

“That’s what Campus Fest is for, to let people know that we’re here,” said H2O member and senior Angela Wollenberg.

Steph Beck, sophomore and early childhood education major, is an H2O member who took advantage of Campus Fest to showcase the organization, but said there are still more students to reach.

“Even though we are reaching 500 students today, it is only a dent in BGSU’s population,” she said.

Students had their own reasons for attending the event.

Freshman Sydney Street was able to explore many of her interests, however diverse they might be. She stopped by the Broadway Cares table because of her love of singing.

“I’m definitely thinking dodgeball next,” she said.