New pool attracts more people than past years



The City Pool and Water Park has been a popular attraction during its first operational summer.

The nearly $4 million facility was scheduled to open on June 1, but the opening was delayed due to weather conditions, according to a press release from the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department.

Poor weather did not keep the pool from doing better than the previous year, Josh Chatfield, aquatics and fitness manager for Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department, said.

Since opening on June 15, the pool has attracted 29,525 people; topping last years’ total of 19,400, Chatfield said.

“Even with the late start in the season, I would estimate that we will be over 30,000 by the end of the season,” Chatfield said.

Despite the high attendance rate, University students have a low attendance rate for the city pool, Chatfield said.

“A lot of families come to the pool,” Chatfield said. “We don’t see a lot of college age students out.”

The lack of convenience is a big reason why a lot of students do not go to the city pool, senior Doug Cerveny said.

“As long as you are taking classes, the pool at the rec center is free and right on campus,” Cerveny said. “I also am living at Enclave [Apartment Complex] this summer so I have a pool right across from my apartment.”

Besides the convenience aspect, Cerveny said he goes where he knows other people his age will go to swim.

“The quarry is still a pretty far drive, but I go out there every once in awhile–even though I have the Enclave’s pool right there,” Cerveny said. “A lot of my friends like to plan day trips out at the quarry.”

The city pool may not be attracting as many University students because the pool is oriented around a younger crowd, said Chatfield.

“We close in August because our schedule follows the public schools school schedule,” Chatfield said. “That is when a lot of our workers and students go back to school.”

However, senior Keith McBride bought a summer membership to the city pool after its grand opening and said he enjoys going there because if you’re not a full time student during the summer, then you will be charged to get into the rec center.

“There’s always something to do there,” McBride said. “There’s all sorts of different sections for kids and for adults and they have good food too.”

Season passes for the pool are $80 for adults and $70 for students, and day passes are $5 for adults (no student discount on day passes).

The pool will close for the season on Sunday, August 15, according to the Bowling Green Parks and Recreations website.