Television Review: “Teen Wolf”

Rating: C

With all of the hype around the newest season of “Teen Wolf,” I was extremely excited for the premiere to say the least. The day-long marathon of season two continued to build the excitement.

Within the first five minutes of the show starting, I found myself very disappointed. The premiere left much to be desired. They tried to shove so much into the one hour time slot that the plot didn’t develop. Everything that was said in this episode was stated in the season two finale episode.

With all of the new things the cast has improved on you would think they would have the show well produced. Wrong. The CGI in the show is awful. It resembles the CGI of an extremely low budget movie, or “Twilight.”

The effects in past seasons were much better, and I don’t understand how they can improve on wardrobe and set but have the actual effects get worse.

I was interested to see how they were going to explain a large amount of their cast who played major roles leaving the show.

Colton Haynes, who played Jackson Whittemore, was a focal point of last season. They ended season two with him finally becoming a werewolf only for him to leave the show. They had to have him make an exit without Colton ever appearing on the show.

They pulled a poorly executed exit. Apparently he was taught how to be a werewolf and deal with the full moon without killing people “and stuff,” and he left for London. A bad joke was thrown in to reference the 1981 movie “An American Werewolf in London.”

A second character, Erica Reyes, played by Gage Golightly has also left the show. After being captured, and on the run at the end of the second season, it was stated by executive producer Jeff Davis that Erica was alive at the end of season, and they currently have her as “missing” on the show.

There is a large amount of new characters on the show and it really became confusing as to who is who because only one of several new alpha wolves have been formally introduced.

One thing I have noticed a lot with “Teen Wolf” is the fact that there are shirtless people for no reason. At the very beginning of the new episode, the two new twin alpha wolves took off their shirts to morph into one giant wolf. If they had to take off clothes to morph they should have taken off their pants too, lets be realistic. Unless those are magic pants, they won’t morph into one pair.

The longer the show goes on, the more it seems to be turning into “Twilight.” If they continue to kill their main villain at the end of each season they will begin to run out of plots for the show.

With the awful CGI, confusing amounts of new cast members and the promise of at least one of my favorite characters dying this season, I can’t see myself watching the show for much longer unless the next few episodes get better.